About Hellbound Media

Hellbound Media is a small-press comic book publisher, specialising in two-parters, one-shots and anthologies.

Our mission: To produce engaging stories with striking visuals.

Initially, Hellbound Media grew out of the Hellraiser fan community with the Hellbound Chronicles series of web comics. After discovering a hotbed of talent within the community, it was decided to launch a publishing company to get their works out there.

Since then, Hellbound has gone on to produce several well-received titles (such as Faith Healers, Kiss Me Deadly and Mandy the Monster Hunter) and has been represented at a wide variety of events around the country.

About the Editors

Mark Adams and Matt Warner are the editors for Hellbound Media, both with a long history of experience of horror, fantasy and cult media. By plowing their extensive knowledge of the genre into their stories, they have found and produced content that is beyond anything you may have encountered before.