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Hellbound Media 2023


Seasons Greetings everyone!

Hellbound Media have had another busy year and we’re starting to build back up following the chaotic years of the lockdown. We’ve loved being back at conventions and seeing friends, old and new, and meeting many of our collaborators again. We’ve got plans for the year ahead, including rebuilding and updating this very site and our online store. We’re also hoping to be able to open our own Etsy page in the new year also, as well as a few other exciting projects we look forward to sharing.

We’re already making event plans for next year. Conventions that we are attending or awaiting some confirmation information on, can be found listed below:

May 13th-14th – Wales Comic Con Telford Takeover (applied)
May 13th-14th – Swansea Comic Con (confirmed)
May 20th-21st – Horror Con UK Rotherham (confirmed)
May 26th-28th – London MCM (applied)
June 3rd-4th – Plymouth Comic Con (confirmed)
July 29th-30th – MegaCon Manchester (confirmed)
October 21st – Aberdeen Horror Con (confirmed)

We hope see many of you there! As well as conventions we’re preparing to ship out the latest book we’ve written, “Faith Healers: A Company of Angels” which ran a successful kickstarter this year. We’ve got some great titles coming up, both new and old, and our next crowdfunding campaign is for the collected trade of the complete “Slaughterhouse Farm” which will be available in the new year. We’re also revisiting the worlds of Mandy the Monster Hunter, Dawn After Dark, Gabriel Cushing, and more, as well as some exciting new stand alone horror books we cannot wait to share. So have a great Christmas, Happy New Year, and watch out for Krampus!

Clownface: Mask of Fear LIVE on Kickstarter


Hellbound have just had an amazing Sunday at Chester Comic Con, where we met many familiar faces who we have not seen in a long while. It was great to catch up, talk to people, and share our latest work. We even got a celebrity fan as Jet from Gladiators picked up a copy of “Mandy the Monster Hunter: Book of Sea Monsters”. Our online webstore will also be having a bit of an update soon to reflect new and older titles becoming available, so keep an eye out.

We’re also delighted to announce our kickstarter for “Clownface: Mask of Fear”, a full colour 24-page one shot slasher comic, is now up and running. Previously available as a limited run as part of the “Clownface” horror feature film, this campaign is to fund the full print run and get the book out and available to everyone. We’re also using the campaign as an opportunity for you to grab books from our back catalogue of titles, so please check out the campaign here:¬†

Hellbound Media 2022 Plans


As the Summer approaches, Hellbound Media is finalising its plans for 2022, where we hope to see many of you at a range of different conventions and events. We’ve been at HorrorCon UK and Liverpool Tattoo Con recently, having a great time. Alas we did not get a table this time for MCM London, but hope everyone who did had a fantastic time. We are, however, applying for the next MCM London later this year and we have our fingers crossed.

In the meantime places you will be able to find us, or cons that we are awaiting some confirmation information on, can be found listed below:
Sunday June 19th – Chester Comic Con (confirmed)
July 30th / 31st – Manchester Mega Con (tbc)
Saturday August 20th – Bath Comic and Gaming Festival (confirmed)
Saturday September 10th – Popcorn Comic Con Rotherham (tbc)
Thursday 6th – Sunday 9th October – Grimm Fest Film Festival Manchester (tbc)
November 5th / 6th – Hampshire Horror Con (tbc)
November 12th / 13th – Thought Bubble Comic Festival (confirmed)
December 3rd / 4th – Wales Comic Con Telford Takeover (confirmed)

We hope see many of you there! As well as cons, we’re getting ready to ship out Kickstarter rewards for our “Glambassador Peach” campaign, as well as gearing up for our next – the full print run for the “Clownface: Mask of Fear” horror slasher comic. We’ll update later as more news is available.

Glambassador Peach!


“When the Earth needed a real fucking hero, she came. Again. And again”.

Hellbound Media are branching out with a new Kickstarter that is live now! We’ve been known for horror, dark fantasy, and action, but this is a first for us – a diverse and inclusive science-fiction smut comic that is definitely only for our older readers! That said, it could certainly be described as “Clive Barker meets Barbarella” as Earth’s premier sex worker fights for humanities survival through a series of erotic encounters.

If you want to check out the campaign, you can do so here: 

But we’re not all smut, Hellbound have plenty of all ages material as well as adult horror, including the new “Mandy the Monster Hunter” anthology “The Mandy Book of Sea Monsters” and the film-tie-in “Clownface: Mask of Terror”. These any many other books will be available this coming weekend April 2nd and 3rd at Wales Comic Con Telford Takeover… we hope to see you there.

You might also notice our awesome new logo designed by Ilan Sheady. We’re working to update the site to reflect the developments in our brand soon! Stay safe and see you at comic con!

2022 – Wales Con Telford Takeover April 2/3


Welcome everyone! We’re just posting a quick update to let you know Hellbound Media are still pressing forward with our 2022, with new Kickstarters, new Comic Cons and someexciting projects to announce. Our website is being updated and this is the first in a series of posts as we up date and let you know all the latest information from Team Hellbound!

Expect a big update tomorrow, but for now we’re delighted to announed we’ll be at Wales Con Telford Takeover this April – we hope to see you there!