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Hellbound Media – 2018 & New Releases


Hellbound Media are kicking off 2018 with some amazing new books and attending some of the best comic conventions in the UK! We’ve already launched the year with True Believers Comics Festival in Cheltenham, and attended Birmingham Horror Con. We’re excited for our next stop at MCM Birmingham where we hope to meet fans new and old, and offer our brand new title “Mandy the Monster Hunter: The Legend of the Spindly Man #1” which you can see a taster of below!

Upcoming cons also include Wales Comic Con, Cardiff Independent Comic Expo, Leamington Comic Con, UK Horror Con, and hopefully many more. We always aim to submit to MCM’s across the country so we hope to see you at them too!


CLOWNFACE – Debut Feature Film


Hellbound Media are pleased to announce we have started our first Horror Feature Film – CLOWNFACE. Produced by Mark Adams of Hellbound Media, Clownface is written and directed by Alex Bourne. Check out the gory glory on its kickstarter campaign, linked below, for further details!

SHOCK VALUE Kickstarter and 2017…


We’ve been as busy as ever at Hellbound Media, kicking off the 2017 con season in style and meeting some awesome comic fans, film fanatics and cosplayers cross the country. You can follow our adventures on our Facebook page at for all the latest news and updates.

The big news now is the return of our popular horror anthology series Shock Value with a fourth stand alone volume, “Shock Value: Giallo” that takes its inspirations from Italian horror and cult cinema. The book has 8 days left to go on Kickstarter where it has hit its first Stretch Goal – backing now can land you some exclusive Hellbound Media goodies as well as having yourself immortalised in print in the Special Thanks wall. Click the image below to check out the campaign, please share and support!

“Shock Value: Giallo”

Our next big convention of the year will be UKHorrorCon in Rotherham / Sheffield, with some amazing horror guests in attendance. We’ll also be at Cardiff Independent Comic Expo, Thought Bubble Leeds and MCM London! A full list of the years cons will be on our Facebook and this site shortly.


Hellbound Media – 2016 and Beyond


Hellbound Media have had an amazing 2016, our best year yet and the perfect celebration of over 5 years in the small press scene. We couldn’t have done it without the support and help of our contributors, others in the small press business and, of course, those who pick up and enjoy our comics! A huge thanks to everyone.

We’ve been visiting numerous comic cons this year, with next weekend seeing us in the Comic Village at MCM Birmingham, with a small but special Wigan Comic Con rounding us off in December. Check our Facebook for the Cosplay Galleries, and we will endeavour to share some of our favourites on this blog going forward.

The final blood-soaked issue of “Slaughterhouse Farm” is being lettered, for release this November, following a successful kickstarter to help cover the printing costs. We aim to make further use of funding platforms as a form of pre-order on our titles, allowing Hellbounders to obtain great rewards, and support us. As push to produce stronger, and more polished titles, costs go up and this is one way we can bring you the very best work possible.

Following a hugely successful year of “The Mandy Book of Monsters”, “Mandy the Monster Hunter” will be returning early 2017 with her first epic adventure, “The Face in the Curtain”. This isn’t all as there’s some exciting news for Mandy fans which we’ll be sharing soon.

Next year will see titles new and old, as the”Shock Value” anthology series returns, and a new “Dawn After Dark” graphic novel follows up the successful “Kiss Me Deadly”. Thanks again for all your support, and we hope to see you at a Comic Con soon!

“The Disease” Comic Kickstarter ‘Thank You’ Message


Our newest title, ‘Shock Value presents… The Disease’ is coming soon thanks to the generous Kickstarter community, and below you’ll find a list of everyone who helped make it happen. Thanks everyone!

  • Dino Maglaris
  • Lore Media Corporation
  • XxTattooMattxX
  • Ivan Donati
  • Faye Simms
  • Stefan Hamann
  • Deadstar Publishing
  • Stuart Gould
  • Steve Tanner
  • Shaun Hastings
  • Victor Wright – Geeky Comics
  • Esther Mullings
  • Erik Hofstatter
  • Scott Sysol
  • Jenny Ashcroft
  • James Edward Reed
  • Rob Ryan
  • Winston Kou
  • James Nettles
  • Mika Koyyka
  • Mark Hetherington
  • Jean-Luc Reyes
  • JordanCookFILMS
  • Simon Blanchett-Parker
  • James Azrael / The HSPPA
  • Reed Andrus
  • Anthony Bagley
  • Maz Johnson
  • James McCulloch
  • Helen Brannigan
  • Curtis Smith
  • Comichaus
  • Dennis Strasburg
  • Jon Radigan
  • Matthew Brown
  • Jonathan Kui
  • Nick Ashby
  • James Ferguson
  • John A. Short
  • Stefan Simovic
  • Joyce Ann Garcia
  • John Linwood Grant
  • Robert Flores
  • Haley McDonald
  • Slocko Flyde Coast Comics
  • Karl Andrews
  • Arthur Digby Sellers
  • Omar Pineda
  • kurokun
  • Neil Ashworth
  • Daniel Farrand
  • Ant O’Reilly
  • Fifth Dimension Comics
  • Tom Spellman
  • Matt Warner
  • Jake Shellenberger
  • Dino Maglaris
  • Anthony Ball
  • Peter Raber
  • Andrew Lee
  • Lukasz Michalski
  • Brian Dell
  • Ivan Donati
  • Richard Anderson
  • Pippa Bailey
  • Derogan
  • Hope C

Thanks again!