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Happy Hallowe’en 2020!


“Five more days ’til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween,
Five more days ’til Halloween, Silver Shamrock!”

Hellbound’s favourite time of year is here and right now we should be coming home from the season London MCM Comic Con, but alas that has not been the case. We’re missing everyone at the comic scene, whether our friends in the industry, or the amazing people, fans, cosplayers, and furries that make the events as fun as they are. Fear not though because Hellbound can be heard on today’s Awesome Comics Podcast discussing all things creepy – check it out as it goes live later today!

Not only are we still chatting horror, we’re making it. Follow our Twitter and Facebook for a horrific COUNTDOWN to Hallowe’en with some previews of upcoming projects. Our second prose release, David Charlesworth’s DEATH HEAD VALLEY II is also coming together for its launch to our kickstarter backers, before making its way on our web store.

We’re also celebrating with our Halloween Hellbound 13 Box which features, you guessed it, thirteen of our titles in one box shipped out, the perfect introduction to the world of Hellbound Media.

This box offers you 13 of our titles for a ridiculously low price, as well as a few extras thrown in as well for anyone wanting to pick one up! The content individually, not including postage, would cost a huge £84, but we’re offering this box at only £40 plus p&p, over HALF PRICE! This Box offer will last until the end of the Halloween weekend or in the unlikely case that we run out of the limited run of bundles.

Note: Whilst we can offer this internationally, due to recent changes in UK, the postage is sadly ridiculous for a big package. We have left the opportunity for it but apologise that it essentially doubles the cost.

So, have a fantastic Halloween, and wherever you are, and whatever the rules allow you to do, keep scary, and keep safe!