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Glambassador Peach!


“When the Earth needed a real fucking hero, she came. Again. And again”.

Hellbound Media are branching out with a new Kickstarter that is live now! We’ve been known for horror, dark fantasy, and action, but this is a first for us – a diverse and inclusive science-fiction smut comic that is definitely only for our older readers! That said, it could certainly be described as “Clive Barker meets Barbarella” as Earth’s premier sex worker fights for humanities survival through a series of erotic encounters.

If you want to check out the campaign, you can do so here: 

But we’re not all smut, Hellbound have plenty of all ages material as well as adult horror, including the new “Mandy the Monster Hunter” anthology “The Mandy Book of Sea Monsters” and the film-tie-in “Clownface: Mask of Terror”. These any many other books will be available this coming weekend April 2nd and 3rd at Wales Comic Con Telford Takeover… we hope to see you there.

You might also notice our awesome new logo designed by Ilan Sheady. We’re working to update the site to reflect the developments in our brand soon! Stay safe and see you at comic con!