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Happy New Year! Coming 2019 to Hellbound Media, “Spindly Man” #4 Kickstarter, & Comic Con News


Happy New Year, from everyone at Hellbound Media! The Mince Pies are eaten, Christmas is behind us, we’ve got 10 months until Hallowe’en, and Hellbound Media are gearing up for an epic 2019.

First off, we have a big announcement to make. Hellbound Media are not just Hellbound Comics, and we’ve always stretched ourselves. Our first feature film is completed, with bonus material and a tie-in comic all on their way – especially to our ever-patient Kickstarter backers! We’ve got more films in the pipe line too, but we’re also branching out in another direction to add to the Hellbound Media range – prose! Yes, the original medium of choice for tales of terror, from Stoke, to Poe, to Lovecraft, to King, to Barker, and everyone else. Hellbound Media will be releasing our first prose title in 2019.

Launching our Prose range will be a novella from a new member of the Hellbound Media team. We’re please to announce we’ve teamed up with author Dave Charlesworth to publish the first of a trilogy of novels, “Death Head Valley”. Written in the style of a novelisation of a eighties slasher film, this fun, gore-filled story will get a new, up to date edition from Hellbound Media. So if you love our “Slaughterhouse Farm” series, this might be one for you! Meet Dave himself, in his own words below!

Dave Charlesworth – Author / Pervert

David Charlesworth is a horror author from Liverpool, England. The city most famously known for giving the world Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell and a band that swept the globe with their broad popularity and musical genius… “Dead or Alive”.

He is a born and bred horror fan and was raised on George Romero films, the Friday the 13th Franchise and most terrifyingly of all, the Inspector Gadget cartoon. He studied art and design in school and college until he realised that he couldn’t draw and turned his hand to writing instead. He mostly works within the Splatterpunk subgenre of Horror, writing the slasher series, “Death Head Valley” but he also dabbles with “Cosmic Horror”, despite being warned about the negative effects it can have on ones mental health.

He still lives in Liverpool and says he will never leave. His hobbies are writing, drinking and drinking. Though why you want to know is beyond him. What is this? A dating website?

We’re also delighted to announce that the final issue of “Mandy the Monster Hunter: Legend of the Spindly Man” will be hitting Kickstarter next week. The last part of our hugely successful series will see Mandy attempting to face the Spindly Man for a climatic clash – but will she find a way to defeat a viral story made flesh?

#4 Cover Art

Finally we’re happy to announce we’ll be kicking our our 2019 Comic Con circuit with a return trip to Cheletenham’s True Believers Comic Con. The event will be on Saturday 2nd February, and we hope to see you there! We also will endeavour to keep things more up to date going forward, but please do follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news and sneak previews. Here’s to an amazing, terrifying 2019!