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Hellbound Media November 2014 Update


It’s been a while since we updated as we’ve had a run of excellent cons, and met many amazing people. We’ve started collecting images of our favourite Cosplays at cons, mostly horror/fantasy-related in some way, but sometimes ones that we just know and love! Our collection can be found on our Facebook page so please Like us if you have not already!

As well as an amazing run of cons, we’ve had two exciting new releases. Previously mentioned, we have our third horrific anthology, Shock Value Green. And for those who like grindhouse gore in their horror, we have “Slaughterhouse Farm #2”.

Cover art for Shock Value Green Slaughterhouse Farm 2 Cover

But that’s not all, we have some amazing upcoming titles in progress, including something old and something new. “Kiss Me Deadly” is getting re-released in a prestige trade format early next year, and following that we will see the return  of the ever-popular Mandy the Monster Hunter in her very own anthology, “The Mandy Book of Monsters”.

Also, we want to say a big hello  to anyone finding us from “My Geek Box”, where we feature this month in an interview, as a top pick of the month and with a Mandy and Dawn Keenan pin-up poster by the brilliant Gordon Napier. We hope you’ll check out our titles, and perhaps we’ll see you at a future con.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us so far, and we’ll be posting again soon with more information, lists of future cons and reviews of our other favourite small press titles.