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Hellbound Media – Dorian and Drama


Hellbound Media are proud to be launching a new comic with a twist.

“Dorian & Drama: Reflections of the Damned” is a magazine-style photo comic, telling its story through stunning photographs, gruesome special effects and astounding technical effects. The comic launches tomorrow at Wales Comic Con in Wrexham, and many of the cast and crew will be there.

The brainchild of Hellbound Media Editor Matt Warner, “Dorian & Drama” follows the talented stage magician Dorian D’Arcane, played by Nathan Head (Legacy of Thorn, Theatre of Fear, The Zombie King), and his assistant Drama, played by Victoria Mua (who also provided many of the make-up and effects) as they investigate supernatural horrors lurking in an mysterious, old building.

You can also pick up a copy at Wigan Comic Con the following weekend. And Hellbound Media have a range of new dates for the new year that we will announce soon. Hope to see you in Wales tomorrow!