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Dorian & Drama: Reflections Of The Damned


It is eight months since the tragedy that led to magician Dorian D’Arcane’s fall from grace.

Tonight he and the D’Arcane Dolls are rehearsing his new show in which he will attempt to uncover the secrets hidden within an antique camera believed to contain the faces of the “Plas Blodwyn Damned”.

Dorian is aided by his new assistant Drama McKenzie who carries a secret of her own.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Dorian and Drama Project is a 36 page magazine format horror comic with photography and practical make up and special effects in place of traditional artwork.

Starring: Nathan Head, Victoria Mua, Donna Rhian
Written by: Matt Warner
Photographer: Craig Colville
SFX Make-up Director: Victoria Mua
Hair and make-up: Sarah Yorke
Letterer: Nikki Foxrobot

Signed copies of Slaughterhouse Farm now available for preorder!


Good news! The first issue of Slaughterhouse Farm, the horrific 24 page new comic book from Hellbound Media, is now available for pre-order! Visit www.hellboundmedia.co.uk to order your copy.

All pre-orders received before midnight on Friday, April 27, will be signed by the Slaughterhouse Farm creative team of Matt Warner, AJ Ballard and Arfon Jones at the comic’s launch at the Wales Comic Con on Sunday, April 28. This is the only time Matt, Arfon and AJ are due to be at the same event this year so fully signed copies will be limited. The signed comics will then be dispatched on Monday, April 29.

Thanks again to the awesome Nikki Foxrobot for lettering the book, Steven Denton for colouring the cover, and to Gene Dolreds Dolders for his work on the Slaughterhouse Farm website. Thanks to Stuart and Hal at UK on Display, to Siân for bringing the blood-soaked bride to life, and Arfon Edwards and Gaynor Thomas for the photoshoot.

Finally, a big thanks to Ryan Kift, Paul Kane, Spencer Wilding, Lee Grice, Trystan Mitchell, Nathan Head and Steve Tanner for reading the comic and providing back page quotes.

Hope everyone else enjoys it!

But be warned, over 18s who are not easily offended only please as the comic contains scenes of graphic violence, sexual scenes and bad language.