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Slaughterhouse Z #1


A secret genetic experiment has combined the DNA from a hulking serial killer, with a brutal breed of pig, to create a terrifying hybrid monster. “Porker X” quickly escapes from the secret lab where he was created and, alongside his prototype hybrids, wastes no time in carving a swathe of carnage throughout the Welsh countryside. It gets worse. The dead are rising, hungry for flesh, and Porker X leads this Army of the Porcine Dead in their unstoppable slaughter!

Caught up in the terror are brides-to-be Roxy and Serenity, enjoying a bit of seclusion, sex, and steampunk erotica, on the night before their big day. However, when Porker X turns his undead eye on their cabin, these two will have to fight for their lives. Can they survive or will it be a Wedding Day of the Dead?

“With violence, language, and sexual antics all amped up way, way past 11, this definitely isn’t a book for the easily offended. But then, Hellbound has often made no bones about taking things to the extreme in a devilishly delicious way.”   – Starburst

Written by Matt Warner
Art by Paul Johnson
Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.