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Hellbound Media to launch Shock Value 3 at ICE!


SMALL press comic publisher Hellbound Media is set to launch the third in its popular Shock Value series of horror anthologies in Birmingham this weekend.

Shock Value 3, or Shock Value Green as it is known due to the colour palette of its distinctive cover by Mandy the the Monster artist Anna Pennlund.

The anthology contains comic strips that look, according to Hellbound Media co-founder Mark Adams, “look at the dark side of human nature, exploring both the supernatural and the evil found in human nature itself”.

Most of the strips are written by Hellbound Media founders Matt Warner and Mark Adams, with an additional story by guest writer Jamie Lambert of Dexter’s Half Dozen fame with art by New Wasteland Fairy Tales creator David Powell. Shock Value Green also features Shock Value’s first prose story by Chrissey Harrison.

Shock Value value features Sunday Drive featuring the Dawn Keenan, Hellbound Media’s foul-mouthed Dublin vampire hunter character that featured in one of the company’s first books, Kiss Me Deadly.

Hellbound Media’s mascot Elle Bound also makes her first comic appearance in the rip-roaring adventure tale The Deadstar Diamond.

Hellbound Media’s mascot Elle Bound also makes her first comic appearance in the rip-roaring adventure tale The Deadstar Diamond.

Shock Value Green will be launched at ICE at the International Comics Expo in Birmingham on Saturday.

Find out more about Hellbound Media at www.hellboundmedia.co.uk or facebook.com/hellboundmedia


A page from the Shock Value 3 story The Undoing by Mark Adams, Neil McClements and Nikki Foxrobot.

Wales Comic Con in Wrexham


Hellbound Media’s next convention appearance will be the Wales Comic Con in Wrexham on Sunday, April 28. We’ll be selling all our titles Kiss Me Deadly, Shock Value Red and Blue, Mandy and the Monster, Faith Healers and Night Craft as well as launching the brand new horror comic Slaughterhouse Farm.
In attendance will be Hellbound co-founders Mark Adams and Matt Warner as well as Slaughterhouse Farm co-writer AJ Ballard and artist Arfon Jones. Prints of alt model Sian from the recent Slaughterhouse photoshoot will also be available.
Details on a special pre-order offer for Slaughterhouse Farm early next week.

Cardiff Comic Expo – the aftermath


Hellbound Media enjoyed a great weekend at the Cardiff Comic Expo. Despite the one downside of our location at the event we actually had our most successful convention to date. This was mainly due to the launch of our new prestige anthology Shock Value Blue. Editors Matt Warner and Mark Adams were on hand to sign copies and the feedback has been really good.
Our friends at The Great Esc also enjoyed a successful launch of their new anthology Great Escapes, edited by Chrissey Harrison.
We met old friends like Kat Wilson, David Powell, Deadstar, Bearded Skull and Steve Tanner as well as making some new ones. Some progress was made on future Hellbound projects – more details soon.

Shock Value Blue launch


Cover art for Shock Value Blue

Shock Value Blue is the second anthology from Hellbound Media.

This prestige format comic will be launched at the Cardiff International Comic & Anime Expo on March 2&3.

It contains six dark horror stories, including a brand new Mandy the Monster Hunter story by the Mandy and the Monster creative team of Matt Warner, Anna Susanne and Nikki Foxrobot.

The book is an opportunity for UK comic fans to read the award-winning strip Incandescence by Italian comic creator Atlantisvampir as well as her graphic new strip Amen.

The anthology also features Thy Father Lies; a tale of terror beneath the sea by Hellbound Media co-founder Mark Adams and Anna Susanne.

All this and an original stand-alone taster tale of Slaughterhouse Farm, by Matt Warner, AJ Ballard, Arfon Jones and Nikki Foxrobot, a grimy and bloody 70s slasher inspired horror set in North Wales, to be launched by Hellbound Media in April 2013.