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Glambassador Peach (18+)


Glambassador Peach is an inclusive sci-fi smut adventure that sees earth’s premier sex worker protect the planet from extinction. Once onboard a mysterious alien vessel, Pixie Peach must help Navigator X find their true design so they can complete their journey. To do this Pixie must suck, f**k and jerk everything the universe has to offer – including pandroids, gynaesaurs, tentacled tantalisers, merfolk, and fragrant flornicators.  

After agreeing to the mission, Pixie Peach allows herself to be taken for the ride of her life aboard the Fake Transit Pod where she encounters the adaptable Pandroid and the thrice endowed TriCock.

Pixie Peach encounters her host Navigator X for the first time and they embark on their sensual journey of self-discovery.

This comic is explicit and should only be purchased by people aged 18+.

Written by Matt Warner & Various
inspired by Pixie Peach
Art by Various
Cover by C. Bedford
Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.

Mandy the Monster Hunter: Book of Sea Monsters


What lurks in the deepest, darkest waters of our world? 

This latest anthology of short tales from Hellbound Media sees Mandy the Monster Hunter facing off against all manner of nautical nasties, as she protects the children of the world from the creatures that lurk beneath the waves. 

A playground urban legend, Mandy can be summoned to help by drawing a picture of the monsters that stalk unwary kids. Clad in armour forged from monstrous remains, sporting two razor sharp swords, and wielding knowledge of the things that live in the dark, Mandy is prepared to face whatever the darkness can throw at her.

In “Book of Sea Monsters” Mandy has to look back over recent history, remembering many of the aquatic monsters she has faced as she races to uncover the secret of a beast that lurks in the oceans depths. A series of stand alone stories, connected by a loose story-arc, “Book of Sea Monsters” is a great introduction to the dark fantasy world of “Mandy the Monster Hunter”.

Written by Mark Adams & Matt Warner
Mandy the Monster Hunter created by Matt Warner
Art by Various
Cover by Gary Erskine
Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.

Clownface: Mask of Fear


CLOWNFACE is an urban legend, a ghost story known by all but believed by none. Wearing a face of human flesh, decorated in his distinctive clown make-up, the inhuman killer seeks out those whose skin he takes a liking too…

When will Clownface strike next? Will anyone survive Clownface’s latest hunt? And whose face will contribute the next component to his ever evolving mask of fear? 

Written by Mark Adams
based on the film by Alex Bourne
Art by Atlantisvampir
Cover by Ilan Sheady
Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.

Slaughterhouse Hospital #1


Frankie Mullins and her boyfriend thought it would be a challenge taking a group of troubled teenagers for a team building camping trip to North Wales. They thought it would be a challenge, they didn’t think it would be murder!

After their van breaks down the group encountered the grotesque farmer, known only as Pigfucker, and the behemoth soon tore them apart, one by one. Frankie was the only survivor, as Pigfucker intended to make her his bride. However she fought back, and in a final battle on the Welsh hillsides the murderer was struck my lighting, erupting into a fiery inferno….

Days later Frankie awakens from a nightmare of Pigfucker’s bloody Bride to find herself in a nearby hospital. In the process of being shut down, the hospital is only operating a skeleton staff, and hosts a assortment of quirky patients, among them the model Ruby Stone. Ruby soon befriends Frankie, and Frankie is going to need a friend. Because the horror isn’t over yet, and Frankie must race to get someone to believe her as Pigfucker begins to stalk the corridors of… Slaughterhouse Hospital!

“Violence, language, and sexual antics all amped up way, way past 11…”   – Starburst

Written by Matt Warner
based on a storyline by Mark Adams & Matt Warner
Art by Arfon Jones
Colouring by Ilan Sheady
Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.

Shock Value Legacy Vampire Edition


Werewolves. Vampires. Monsters. Hellbound Media presents a collection of terrifying tales that find their inspiration in the very origins of the horror genre. We look back to the stories and films that introduced the world to a coterie of classic monsters, and explore the legacy of fear they have left behind. Each of the stories in this collection features a contemporary twist on this gothic past, promising to continue the nightmares for centuries to come.

The new, 92-page horror anthology from Hellbound Media, featuring a range of artists both returning and new. Artists include Lyndon White (‘Legend of the Spindly Man’) Atlantisvampir (‘The Face in the Curtain’), James Gray (‘Brawler’), whilst Guest Writers include horror authors C. L. Raven (‘Silent Dawn’) making their comic debut.

” The stories are not only mature in the content but also in the themes as we get to explore stories of life, despair, murders, greed, love, lust, violence, disease, and death”.     – Everything Horror Podcast

Edited by Mark Adams & Matt Warner
Written by Mark Adams, Matt Warner, C. L. Raven, Atlantisvampir, & Paul Johnson
Art by Atlantisvampir, James Gray, Arfon Jones, Roy Huteson Stewart, Paul Johnson, KitsuneArt, Gabriel Baltazar, David Charlesworth, Cristian D. Navarro, Lyndon White, Dave Clifford, & Ilan Sheady.
Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.