Comic Books » Mandy the Monster Hunter: Book of Sea Monsters

By: Arfon Jones, Atlantisvampir, James Gray, KitsuneArt, Lyndon White, Mark Adams, Matt Warner
Pages: 28
Published: 1st November 2022


What lurks in the deepest, darkest waters of our world? 

This latest anthology of short tales from Hellbound Media sees Mandy the Monster Hunter facing off against all manner of nautical nasties, as she protects the children of the world from the creatures that lurk beneath the waves. 

A playground urban legend, Mandy can be summoned to help by drawing a picture of the monsters that stalk unwary kids. Clad in armour forged from monstrous remains, sporting two razor sharp swords, and wielding knowledge of the things that live in the dark, Mandy is prepared to face whatever the darkness can throw at her.

In “Book of Sea Monsters” Mandy has to look back over recent history, remembering many of the aquatic monsters she has faced as she races to uncover the secret of a beast that lurks in the oceans depths. A series of stand alone stories, connected by a loose story-arc, “Book of Sea Monsters” is a great introduction to the dark fantasy world of “Mandy the Monster Hunter”.

Written by Mark Adams & Matt Warner
Mandy the Monster Hunter created by Matt Warner
Art by Various
Cover by Gary Erskine
Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot.

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