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SHOCK VALUE Kickstarter and 2017…


We’ve been as busy as ever at Hellbound Media, kicking off the 2017 con season in style and meeting some awesome comic fans, film fanatics and cosplayers cross the country. You can follow our adventures on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/hellboundmedia for all the latest news and updates.

The big news now is the return of our popular horror anthology series Shock Value with a fourth stand alone volume, “Shock Value: Giallo” that takes its inspirations from Italian horror and cult cinema. The book has 8 days left to go on Kickstarter where it has hit its first Stretch Goal – backing now can land you some exclusive Hellbound Media goodies as well as having yourself immortalised in print in the Special Thanks wall. Click the image below to check out the campaign, please share and support!

“Shock Value: Giallo”

Our next big convention of the year will be UKHorrorCon in Rotherham / Sheffield, with some amazing horror guests in attendance. We’ll also be at Cardiff Independent Comic Expo, Thought Bubble Leeds and MCM London! A full list of the years cons will be on our Facebook and this site shortly.


Mandy the Monster Hunter – THANKS!


As many of you will be aware this November we have launched our long-awaited follow-up to “Mandy and the Monster”, our best-selling title. Branded under the “Mandy the Monster Hunter” name, we’ve released “The Mandy Book of Monsters” thanks to YOUR support, on kickstarter and beyond! The title will be appearing on our web store very soon.

Mandy BoM Front Cover

This title has kept us busy and we’re delighted to finally have it released – and with more Mandy already on its way! Anyway, without further delay, a huge thanks to everyone who supported us!


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